Tidy Thames
Refuse Services

The company is a registered Waste carrier and is able to provide customers with a "best of practice" waste management scheme for disposal of all their waste in the most environmental efficient manner.

The company can provide waste skips for general waste, others segregated for paper and cardboard waste along with glass bottle backs for recycling of glass cullet. The barges have purpose in built tanks to collect waste oil and other liquids for recycling. They are able to moor alongside the wharf, jetty or vessel to accept a direct discharge or with the cranes fitted lift containers on board for later discharge and disposal.

These facilities meet all environmental standards and are able to offer a bespoke service 24/7 to meet the Customer's requirements, supported by a competitive pricing policy.

The Tidy Thames Refuse service is aimed at the collection and disposal of waste from customers operating on the River Thames and its shoreline by using barges specially adapted to provide this service. The MV Eileena and the MV Tidy Thames are both fitted out with cranes capable of lifting the waste skips from their location emptied and replaced, waste container storage holds which are able to segregate the waste requirements and storage tanks for waste oil and any other liquids which the majority go for recycling.

This service is environmentally friendly and has been in operation for over 25 years during this time it has built up an enviable reputation for service and quality along the River Thames. It provides environmental solutions to customers waste management requirements and meeting the environmental standards required by companies. It sets out to maximise the amount recycled of the waste collected for disposal from customers.

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